Hyundai Launches Two New Products

         The first automobile exhibition has been held in March of this year since the Baku Expo Center was launched. In addition to major brands such as Nissan, VW, Jaguar and Land Rover, the participation of the domestic production Chinese brand Lifan was slightly below expectations. The most important reason for this was that the organization team was inexperienced and the fair was not adequately announced. Despite this, HYUNDAI was the biggest exhibitor. In addition to having the largest exhibition area and stand, the most important innovations in the fair came from Hyundai. New Elantra, which was first launched in all BDB, was the most popular car of the fair. The selection of Baku for the model launch also showed the importance of Hyundai Auto Azerbaijan and this market. New Elantra, which will be launched with a 1.8L gasoline engine, has also received awards after its worldwide launch.

          Hyundai `s other launch was the new Accent produced in Russia. The most important feature of this model, which is known as Solaris in Russia, but is presented to other countries under the name of Accent because it is attached to the patent barrier, is that it is manufactured according to adverse road and weather conditions. Fuel consumption and luxury equipment, which is almost unrivaled in its class, are other noteworthy features. The new Accent is also the perfect choice for Azerbaijani roads with its durable structure and equipment.

          Hyundai's EQUUS and Genesis Coupé models, which had the chance to exhibit their luxury cars, also attracted special attention of the visitors. In this period when Hyundai made great efforts to enter the luxury class, the consumer interest in EQUUS was also very intense in Azerbaijan.