Group Seb General Manager Cüneyt Yağci Announces

Cüneyt, Istanbul General Manager of Groupe SEB, the manufacturer of Tefal, Moulinex and Rowenta brands in the small household appliances portfolio of Baku Electronics
Yağcı explains: How did we start? How did we grow up? How do we develop?
How did Tefal meet NAB Holding and how did the cooperation begin?
It took us about ten years to meet NAB. As a result of our intention to see the potential in the Azerbaijani market and do the right business with the right people there
we met. We have been working with the Eromi brothers since the day we decided to conduct our activities in the small domestic market in Azerbaijan in cooperation with Baku Electronics. In order to expand our business volume, we also carry out investment plans and business development studies with NAB Holding. We have expanded the Azerbaijani market from scratch. As we expanded our market activity, NAB Holding expanded its main distributorship system. We continue to grow together.
Does the growth continue?
We have a potential business line and we are still growing. We aim to grow at a minimum of ten to fifteen percent each year, and some years we go above that. We have the idea of ​​spreading our cooperation to other countries within our responsibility geography. We have various projects in this direction but our main interest is Azerbaijan, which is still a growing market.
“Azerbaijan is a growing market with potential”
Does the Azerbaijani market have its own characteristics?
I'd say it's an interesting market. The money hasn't literally landed yet. It has very rich natural resources such as oil and natural gas and its national wealth is gradually spreading to the base. This, in turn, leads to a transformation into a consumer society and increases the potential, especially in the area in which we operate. The gradual normalization of income distribution creates certain opportunities, but it also has some risks. The closest example we compare with Turkey, yet I would say that in such a capacity of 10-15%. income distribution in Turkey of a view, as in the odds against us if we compare the EU average, we see that the Turkey-Azerbaijan comparison.
The small home appliances market should be an area where the changes in income distribution can be monitored instantly ...

Exactly. As in white goods, the products that we see as indispensable household appliances must be entered into every house at least once. The basic products also include vacuum cleaners and irons as well as televisions and refrigerators. The ones that can be added on these four basic products are shaped by income. Business potential
they are also the product group that enables growth. Naturally, communication plans and budgets come into play at this stage. You need to invest and wait for a return. We are now at a strategic point and we will have activities that gradually increase over the next two years. We are also in contact with the NAB group and we make our investment plans within the framework of common opinions.
What are the advantages of having a NAB solution partner?
It is ideal for such an operation, especially that they know the Azerbaijani market very well, have a business philosophy that is open to investment and a structure that develops its own distribution channels. Azerbaijan sees the future as we create a vision of the experience we gained in Turkey are like. The last two years have experienced a significant transformation in Turkey. The competitive structure formed in hypermarkets and shopping malls and the fact that the grocery stores meet one third of our total turnover indicate that a similar development will take place in Azerbaijan. The important thing is to continue to find ways to satisfy the consumer and to communicate this promise with the right messages. With a good teamwork in the field and coordination between the management units in the two countries, we have established a very healthy triple sheet.
Everyone seems to be pleased with the good dialogue environment and the order we have established.
Increasing and updating points of sale should be your main target.
Our goal is to be one step ahead of current indicators, more than just day-to-day compliance. It is inevitable to develop joint projects to grow without waiting for the market share to grow. It was such an attempt to use small appliances as a promotional material with white goods. Of course, it is necessary to act cautiously without forcing costs, although in the end it is a new market, although it is growing.
“Azerbaijan is not new to us, it is a plus market”
Have you noticed any difference in behavior between Turkish and Azerbaijani consumers?
There's no difference between Azerbaijan and Turkey. Two communities with the same consumer culture. I don't speak a word of foreign language when I go to Baku.
When I go to dinner, I need to know that “Slimy meat demek means chops! Little smiles speak the same language except differences in meaning. Consumer response from Turkey is no different. Final consumer advertising and promotional materials prepared again as a base for Turkey can be exactly adapted to the Azerbaijani women and consumers. This is of course an important advantage. All this makes us see Azerbaijan as a surplus market, not as a different and new market. There are very small differences in terms of marketing. For example, if Turkey on how important Mother's Day, Women's Day is so important in Azerbaijan. This determines the campaigns there. It is necessary to capture these differences and act with feedback from the consumer.
How do you evaluate the performance of this cooperation?
Groupe SEB in Turkey B2B (business to business) are responsible for three of the area. Our regional manager visits Azerbaijan every three months at the most and observes consumer and operations. He also frequently meets with the management of Baku Electronics. We may have experienced slowdowns in business growth due to the conjuncture, but so far we have not encountered any problems. We have a good time ahead. We have a number of product groups that stand out gradually. For example, selling meat grinder mainly in Southeast Anatolia in Turkey, the first three in Azerbaijan. Ironing and broom groups also came to a certain level. We will increase our efficiency by considering competition. We are the market leader especially with Tefal brand, and we offer complementary product groups with Rowenta and Moulinex brands. What we do launch in Turkey, Azerbaijan are carrying on the fly. We provide close to 10% of turnover marketing support. What we enjoy most is that we understand each other very well. NAB Holding, we and the Azeri consumer fits comfortably when they go home in the evening.
“We see NAB as one of our top five customers”
How do you see the future?
As in the contest aşama Who Wants 500 Billion? ”, I hope we will progress gradually. We have come to a certain stage with a beautiful past. We are aiming to go to the top of the list with all kind of projects and projects. The most important issue is to keep the three-way relationship at the highest level. When I ask myself what problems we had with NAB, I see that we haven't had the slightest problem. I can say very clearly that we see it as one of the top five among our 500 customers.