Cooperation Between Nab Holding Company Baku Electronics And World Giant Midea

Baku Electronics, one of the subsidiaries of NAB Holding, continues to grow with new investments and agreements on its 25th anniversary. Recently, the company signed an exclusive representation agreement with the American home appliance giant "Midea", related to its Azerbaijan operations. With this agreement, Baku Electronics will be responsible for all sales, service, and representation services of Midea's world-famous home appliances and air conditioning devices in Azerbaijan.

Established in 1968, Midea is among the top 10 companies in the global home appliances market and ranking 307th place in the Fortune 500 list. Midea, which has 150.000 employees in 195 countries, completed the last year with a turnover of 40 billion USD. Baku Electronics, established in 1996, successfully carries out the Azerbaijan representation of many global technology brands.

Midea Baku Electronics ile anlaştı

Behram Eromi, Chairman of the Board of NAB Holding, whose opinions we referred to with the representation agreement signed between Baku Electronics and Midea, stated that "Such agreements will bring valuable experiences to the Azerbaijani industry." and said:

“Like other leading brands that we represent, the presence of Midea branded products will further improve our country's manufacturing-based and operational experience.  In addition, we are proud to contribute to our life qualityand to generate new employment areas by offering first class products to our country.”