Bank Of Baku “Yasamal

The new branch of of Yasamal Bank in the capital of Bank of Baku has been moved to the building constructed with special project. The “Yasamal” branch of the Bank is located in Nazim Hikmet sk. 32 C address. The H Yasamal ”branch (opposite Hezz Club) is located on a 700 sqm area, equipped with the latest technology. In the branch there are monitors for broadcasting videos about the campaigns and services offered by the bank, electronic management system of the queue, terminals inside and outside the bank for the use of credit payments and accounts. Farid Alizade; Im Our aim is to develop branches in order to provide faster and more useful service to the growing customer base. Our new branch reflects our magnificent city with its architectural appearance. We will be pleased to see our customers at the new address and we are proud of the value we add to our city. ”