Bank Of Baku Hazi Aslanov Branch Opened

The new i Hazi Aslanov ”branch of Bank of Baku was opened in the capital's Hatai district. (Mehemmed Hadi sk. 80, near Hazi Aslanov metro station) At the opening of the i Hazi Aslanov ”branch, Farid Alizade, General Manager of Bank of Baku; Arttırıl Increasing the number of branches of the Bank is carried out within the framework of a previously accepted development strategy, the surveys among customers are given priority in the opening of new branches; They will invite you to da. The of Hazi Aslanov ”branch of Bank of Baku has fixtures and designs that meet all the demands of modern banking. Bank of Baku's new i Hazi Aslanov ”branch will be pleased to welcome its customers.

Bank of Baku is headquartered in the country and has 20 branches.