30Th Year Celebrations Started

This year is more important and spiritual than ever for NAB Holding since it is the 30th anniversary of the business activities journey that began in 1988.

We are always proud to leave behind our first 30 years of experience, full of firsts and achievements.
Of course, we had days full of challenges as well as beautiful days, but never handed the spirit of struggle, honestly, bored and tired, working diligently, pouring the forebear, perseverance, solving each problem one by one and expressing ourselves in our mission, '' we believe in success '' slogan. We have come to these days with our belief that success will be with us.

30. Yıl Kutlamaları - Behram Eromi

We would like to thank all our old and current employees, our stakeholders and our founders who have contributed to our efforts and we wish the NAB family a large family with more than 3000 employees.